Managed Carbon Black Response

Security teams trust Red Canary to defend their endpoints

A Team of Experts Continuously Investigating Threats in Your Environment

Red Canary layers on top of Carbon Black Response to quickly and accurately detect threats on your endpoints. Our team investigates every potential threat and provides you with the intelligence and tooling you need to respond.

  • Complete EDR capability on Day 1
  • No alert fatigue; only see confirmed threats
  • Rapid response with just a few clicks

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Recommended by Leading Security Teams

“With Red Canary, we get a team of analysts to make sure nothing is missed, and we still get access to the endpoint data so we can look at everything we need or want to review. It’s a win-win.”

— Lead Security Engineer, Mid-Sized Technology Company

“Red Canary was able to detect advanced threat behavior that had not been previously detected in our environment. The technology under the hood of their service is extraordinary and can adapt as quickly as adversaries adapt. By having a hosted solution we were up and running incredibly fast.”

– Information Security Manager, Multi-State Bank

3 Reasons Security Teams Choose Red Canary

Faster Detection and Response

  • Threats detected in minutes to hours
  • Fast and comprehensive triage
  • Analysts eliminate false positives
  • Rapidly respond to threats from our portal

Dedicated Technical Expertise

  • Extend your team with Technical Account Managers
  • Supports deployment, configuration, and IR 
  • Ensures seamless integration with all tools
  • Recommendations specific to your program

Save Valuable Time and Resources

  • No need to manage hardware 
  • No need to set up and manage watchlists
  • Eliminate time spent on false positives 
  • Ongoing best practices and recommendations

Carbon Black’s First and Most Experienced Managed Provider

Red Canary layers on top of Carbon Black Response to deliver a complete EDR capability. The custom-built solution helps customers secure their endpoints and stop attacks before they result in breaches. The security team quickly and accurately identifies threats on customers’ endpoints ranging from compromised credentials to lateral movement to crimeware.

Red Canary is Carbon Black’s first managed partner and secures organizations ranging from 60,000 to 100 endpoints.